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All Might Voice Actor


voice actor for all might

All Might is one of the most popular anime characters in recent history, fans of My Hero Academia absolutely adore this character, the amount of iconic lines this character has along with his story of becoming the number one hero after living most of his teenage life without a quirk, he becomes a shining beacon of hope for Japan and a true symbol of the “Plus Ultra” slogan that the show emphasizes on from time to time.

All Might is the number one hero, and is the mentor to the main protagonist of the show, Izuku Midoriya and Midoriya admires All Might with all his heart and soul, because of how optimistic and supportive his character is. All Might from the manga was extremely famous but once the show aired the character became a national sensation and the talent that was behind bringing him to life became superstars, both the English voice actor for All Might and especially the Japanese All Might voice actor. So, who does the voice acting for All Might ? This article is where we talk about both of these All Might voice actors !

Who are the voice actors for All Might ?

who voices all might

My Hero Academia has dubs in many languages, but the most popular ones are by far the original Japanese version and the English dub, so naturally the English voice actor for All Might and the Japanese All Might voice actor are the ones that garnered the most popularity out of its multilingual release!
All Might’s voice is simply iconic, whether it is All Might Japanese voice actor or All Might dub voice actor, both of the versions have received massive fan acclaim and have become renowned figures in the anime community. All Might Japanese voice actor is named Kenta Miyake, and All might English voice actor is named Christopher Sabat, both of these actors have a long history of influential roles in voice acting but their roles as All Might have propelled them in the anime voice acting industry.

All Might English Voice Actor

all might english voice actor

All Might English voice actor, Christopher Sabat, is a popular voice actor for anything animated. He’s been working in the industry for a long while, doing small roles in most anime that he comes across, and doing bigger roles in some such as Vegeta, Piccolo, Vegito from Dragon Ball Super and Alex Louis Armstrong in Full Metal Alchemist. His most iconic role to date; has to be All Might though, All Might was a role offered to him back at the very release of the show and he stuck to it like glue !

All Might dub voice actor was recently asked a question about what inspired his All Might voice, whether it was inspired by any specific comic book characters or not, to which he said :
“ That’s a good question. You know, when we’re working on an anime, we do have this luxury of being able to hear the Japanese. It can sometime be a crutch, and it can sometimes be at a disadvantage, especially if you don’t like the original voice. But in this particular case, I love the original voice of All Might, and so I tried to bring that same experience that Japanese fans would have to American fans .”

all might dub voice actor

He then went on to talk about the voice director at Funimation, and how she basically inspired his All Might voice through many different casting scenarios that she put him through, telling him he was one of the few top contenders for the role and that he had to change a few things or add a few things to his English All Might voice actor persona to make the voice more dynamic and super hero like, his exact words were;
“Yeah, we went back and forth on that voice, because when I auditioned for it, she was like, “All right, you are in my top two candidates, but I want to hear some more things for you.”
And then she goes :
“All right, you’re my top candidate, but I want to hear you a little bit deeper this time, little bit broader, little bit more super hero-like.”
Here is a live impersonation of All Might English voice by Christopher Sabat doing the TEXAS SMASH ! As you can see by the crowd reaction, he totally nailed it !
All Might Voice Actor English Dub

All Might Japanese Voice Actor

all might japanese voice actor

While All Might Japanese voice actor has been around in the industry for ages at this point, his most influential roles in his 20 year career has got to be All Might, he has many other notable roles however such as Shiroganehiko, Shinigami, Charlotte Kurohon in Bleach, Zambai, Morley in One Piece, Corporal Menishov, Yoshida, Quentin, others in Black Lagoon and Mike Zacharias in Attack on Titan. His work has been inspiring new talent to pop up in the Japanese voice acting scene and his Japanese All Might voice acting has set a new standard in the industry for big bulky characters, not to mention directly inspired the American dub of the series done by above mentioned Christopher Sabat.
His dedication to his Japanese All Might voice actor persona runs so deep that the man actually passed out while voicing an intense scene during the fourth season of Boku No Hero Academia !

all might voice actor japanese

That’s right, he actually fell unconscious ! During an interview at the anime expo while the fourth season of Boku No Hero Academia was premiering, the Toru Hagakure actress Kaori Nazuka told everyone about the shocking story of when Kenta Miyake fell unconscious during shooting, she went on to say :
“One time when we were recording. There was this one scene where All Might had to shout and jump. When he said that, he just collapsed. He just went for it. Maybe the blood wasn’t flowing, and he just collapsed in the studio. We were like, oh my god, what just happened !”

She continued this harrowing story by saying :
“The fact that he fell in the studio – he was okay and he got up. To see these people, the amount of passion they have for these characters is great.”
Miyake talk about this incident that happened during the recording

Miyake’s insane dedication to be the best Japanese voice actor for All Might is a direct reflection of the themes that the show carries, about trying your hardest to be the best at what you do ! Same goes for Sabat’s dedication to pull through as the best All Might voice actor, having to go through so many levels of a casting process just to be finally selected shows an insatiable love for Boku No Hero Academia and this is why these All Might voice actors are so famous, because of the sheer amount of work they put into their jobs !
All Might Voice Actor Japanese – All Might Seiyuu Live Performance

So all in all, both of the All Might voice actors are doing an incredible job at voicing this beloved character, as millions of people appreciate their performances more and more and their dedication to their job leads to sometimes unhealthy accidents but often rewarding skill and love from millions of fans that they achieve through these intense voice acting scenarios that they put themselves through !
There is a cool video made by a fan comparing All Might voice actors for the same scene, make sure to have a look at it.

All Might voice actor comparison

To help you summarize all the informations, we answered the main question :
Who does the voice of All Might ?
All Might’s original voice in Japanese is dubbed by Kenta Miyake. The English voice actor for All Might is Christopher Sabat.

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