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Deku’s Dad


My Hero Academia has been on the rise for almost 5 years now, consistently providing the fans with an enjoyable experience, to say the least. Yet, a question that still bothers a lot of the audience is simple but complex;
Who is Deku’s father ?

Despite comprising over 80 episodes in the Anime – the question still hasn’t been answered properly. However, Deku’s father has vaguely been mentioned in the manga which made the fans more excited and ecstatic than ever. Although the information provided was just a tiny amount, we’ll try our best by giving insight and answering the questions that the entire fan-base asks regularly such as:

Who is Midoriya’s dad ?
Where is Deku’s father ?
What quirk does his father have ?
Is Midoriya’s dad still alive ?
How old is Deku’s dad ?
Time until his first appearance ?

Sit tight as we unfold the mystery behind Deku’s dad !

What’s Deku’s father’s name ?

Midoriya’s dad is named Hisashi Midoriya, the name is indeed quite enigmatic since it doesn’t ring a bell to the fans. Ironically, the meaning of his name has a lot of intent behind it since it means “A long time ago”.
It is a reference to the Japanese word “Hisashiburi”, which I am sure you’ve heard a lot in most of the animes. Another intriguing interpretation of his name is “It has been a while” and this only goes on to show that the writer has purposefully created such uncertainty around Izuku Midoriya dad unrevealed character.

Where is Midoriya’s dad ?

At this very moment, we only know a minuscule speckle regarding Midoriya father whereabouts since he has only been partially mentioned in both the anime and the manga. From what the writer has told us so far, Deku’s dad works somewhere overseas and we’re still unsure whether if it is in an organization related to Heroes or just an ordinary job.

The fans should keep in mind that Izuku Midoriya was only 4 years old when he visited the doctor where he was accompanied by his mother. So it’s safe to conclude that Deku father is yet to make an appearance in his life since Deku probably doesn’t remember him at all.

This also leads us to numerous fan theories that justify how his dad might’ve divorced his mother or worse – gone missing.

What Quirk does Deku’s dad have ?

So far, we haven’t gotten a glimpse of his father, let alone getting the privilege of watching him in combat. However, Deku’s mother was generous enough to let us know Midoriya father quirk !

Apparently, his father possesses the ability to breathe fire which sounds quite devastating in my opinion. The quirk is yet to be explained but this is one of the few things that we learned about Deku father in the series. Fans continue to speculate that Midoriya will unlock this remarkable quirk sooner or later, perhaps after encountering his father which seems like a fairytale at this point.

Is Izuku Midoriya dad still alive ?

The answer may seem like a no-brainer at first sight since the writer, Kohei informed at San Diego Comic-Con 2018 that he plans to reveal Izuku Midoriya dad  to the audience some-time in the future. However, it could end up being an underwhelming experience since there is quite a lofty possibility that he might as well be dead at this point since Izuku’s family hasn’t heard a word from him in the entirety of the series yet. Maybe his mother hid the death of Deku’s dad from Deku himself to not traumatize him even further as he was already saddened at his lack of quirk throughout the first season until All Might came to his aid.

How old is Deku’s dad ?

Although we’ve almost no concrete evidence regarding this question, a quick workaround might reveal the rough age of the man in question. If we take a look at Deku’s mother, evidently she is around the age of 40 which means that Midoriya’s father has to be around that age as well.
Moreover, due to traditions or so, fans can expect Izuku’s father’s age to be more than his mother’s so anything more than 40 seems more applicable and coherent. However, this is only an approximation as his true age is still unknown at the moment.
We’ve already answered this question on our previous article about how old is Deku, make sure to have a look at it.

Will Deku father appear in the series ?

Examining all the information that we’ve at our disposal currently, we can only assume that Deku father will not be making his first appearance in the anime any time soon since we are yet to experience it in the manga. Expecting his character in the anime is innately far-fetched so don’t get your hopes high because it could get a long time before it turns into reality, until then, working with what we have is the only solution. We can only hope for newer information to be revealed over the course of this year.

Is All For One Deku’s father ?

This theory has been proliferated all across the My Hero Academia fan-base since we only know a little about Midoriya’s father. The major point of this theory is that we’ve never wholly seen All For One’s face. This could either be Kohei playing tricks with the fans or he just intended for the character to be the way it is. However, upon closer inspection, it is clearly visible that both Deku and All For One share similar physical features such as the famous Deku hairstyle, which is odd that it is the only thing that the writer decided to reveal.

Interestingly, the writer is yet to fully showcase All For One’s face so we’ll never know until it happens. Moreover, it’d make for a marvelous plot twist to the story since we know of Deku as the people’s hero who’d go out of his way to defend his loved ones, while All For One is the epitome of a heartless and merciless villain. The contrast between the two would be significantly more meaningful if Izuku’s father turns out to be All For One. The entire MHA fandom would be shocked if it ever happened, what do you think ?
The youtuber Anime Odd Director (18k subscribers) made an interesting video about Deku’s dad and the theory about All For One being Midoriya’s dad. Make sure to have a look at it.

Who is Deku’s dad – Is Deku’s dad a villain ?

To help you recap the main informations, we have summarized the important questions.
Who is Deku’s dad ?
Deku’s dad is Hisashi Midoriya.
Is Deku’s dad dead ?
Izuku Midoriya dad still didn’t appear in the series, thereby we cannot say that he is either dead or alive.
All For One is Deku’s dad ?
This is a fan theory so All For One is not Deku’s dad.
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