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How did Todoroki get his scar ?


Shoto Todoroki is one of the most beloved characters in the ‘My Hero Academia’ series. He has brains, power, and looks to make anyone fall in love with him. If you’re a fan of Todoroki, you must be wondering :

How did Todorki get his scar ?

Hence, we are going to talk about how Todoroki got his scar.

Shoto Todoroki – A Brief Introduction

shoto todoroki scar

Shoto Todoroki is one of the most powerful students in Class 1-A. Being an overpowered character, he was an official recommendation in the U.A academy. Moreover, Todoroki is training to get powerful and surpass everyone around him.
When he was first introduced in the series, nothing much was known about Todoroki. However, in the second season, while fighting against Midoriya, we got to know his side of the story. Therefore, let’s talk about Shoto Todoroki scar.

Why does Todoroki have a scar ?

why does todoroki have a scar

This story might be a little touchy. So brace yourselves. Todoroki’s mom, Rei Todoroki, was a psychotic patient. She would get breakdowns from time to time. While this might seem a little drag to you, one day, her mother was talking to someone on the phone. She was explaining to them how Todoroki was becoming the same as his father ‘Endeavor’ who was a hero himself.
Endeavor was someone Todoroki started to resemble, and his mother just couldn’t grasp the situation. In the meantime, she was also boiling some water, and Todoroki came and called his mother by her name. This was too much for the mentally unwell mother. When he was coming into the kitchen, it has been shown that his half face had red hair that resembled his father. So his mother took him from that hair and poured that boiling water on his face.

my hero academia todoroki scar

It was such a painful thing to see as Todoroki was just a kid. That boiling water itself was responsible for giving him the scar at such an early stage. Shoto Todoroki scar was a rather depressing scene to look at. Due to the fact that such a pure small kid got his face destroyed, and by his mom ?

What side is Todoroki’s scar ?

todoroki scar side

A lot of people are often curious about Todoroki Scar Side and why he even got the burn on that side. Shoto Todoroki is burn is on the left side. The thing is, Todoroki’s mother hated his father ‘Endeavor’ due to the fact that he was intimidating, and his mother was mentally unwell.
And when she saw Todoroki’s left side of the face, she totally freaked out. To the point where she started to hurt her own son. The hatred was just on a whole other level. However, Shoto Todoroki scar was something that turned him into a more mature personality. He knows that it happened due to the circumstances his mother was put into.

Hence, he wanted to reach the top to impress his family. However, to not become like his father, he would hide his truth along with the powers that he inherited from Endeavor. That’s the truth about Todoroki scar.
Todoroki Without Scar

todoroki no scar

Todoroki without a scar looks so handsome. The image you see above is something we found on the internet and it looks amazing. We can even think of how much he would have changed if it wasn’t for that one second boiling incident.

todoroki without scar

Moreover, you can watch this YouTube video to have a good idea of how Todoroki without a scar would look like.
Spoiler aler t: He’s too handsome ! Without a scar, he might not be as strong as he looks like, but it was something worth mentioning.

Shoto Todoroki without a scar

Even with Todoroki scar, he blamed his father for the cause of it. Due to the fact that his father pushed her to hate both of them, he started to build hatred. It turned Todoroki into a monster.

Todoroki Scar Makeup

A lot of people love Todoroki scar. Even if it’s something worth crying over, fans still accept him as a normal hero who has the potential to reach unrivaled heights. Therefore, if you’re interested on how to make Todoroki’s scar, you can watch the video above.
Also here are some cool Todoroki cosplay that we found interesting to post.

todoroki cosplay scar

shoto todoroki scar cosplay

To help you summarize all the informations, here is a quick recap of what we said.

How did Shoto Todoroki get his scar ?

Todoroki’s mother hated his husband for pushing them too much. Hence, she started building hatred against him. Todoroki’s left side of the fact reminded her of his father, and she poured boiling water on Todoroki’s face.

How old was Shoto Todoroki when he got his scar ?

A lot of fans point that he was just 5 years old when he got the scar.

What side is Todoroki’s Scar ?

His scar is on the left side of this face that resembles Endeavor (his father.)
Todoroki scar is one of the saddest things in My Hero Academia. However, due to that single scar, he was pushed to become one of the strongest heroes in Class 1-A. We all love Todoroki and hope to see a lot more from him.
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