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How old is Dabi ?


Succeeding our article about how old is Todoroki, we decided to do the same for the villain Bluefame ! Indeed, many fans think that Dabi and Shoto Todoroki are in a certain way linked. Maybe they are brothers or long lost friends. Who knows ? This is why we found interesting to talk about Dabi. Dabi is also one of the most favorite character in the MHA series but fans still don’t know the exact age of their favorite villain and this is why today, we’ll give you all the informations.
Therefore, we’re going to talk about something that even the most die-hard fans of Dabi (Bluefame) don’t even know exactly  :

How old is Dabi ?

In fact, it’s a question that you can ask any fan of the series and they’d stutter when trying to answer. Whether it’s how old is Dabi from My Hero Academia or Dabi age at the moment, it’s hard to determine it because the anime and the manga does not mention it at all for the moment. If you don’t know Dabi exact age then you’ve come to the right place as this article will finally answer all of your questions !

How old is Dabi from My Hero Academia ?

how old is dabi from my hero academia

My Hero Academia is full of interesting characters, and Dabi is one of the most popular and appreciated characters of the entire series. Dabi seems to be a character with a tragic past which makes the difference between him and other generic characters. Dabi is instead a villain with very unique ambitions, motivations and a stunning personality that easily sets him apart from the competition.
Therefore, the most die hard fans want to know all the details about this  mysterious character and one of the most important things about any person is their age and « How old is Dabi » is one of the most common questions related to the anime and manga that you will see among the Boku No Hero Academia Academia community.

how old is dabi mha

Dabi’s birthday is hard to determine for the average My Hero Academia fan because it’s not often that how old is Dabi is brought up in the anime or manga. Not only that but also there’s absolutely no precious informations about villains in general in MHA which makes it harder to estimate how old is Blueflame.

Dabi Age

boku no hero dabi age

Dabi also known as Blueflame, sometimes referred to by his original name Dabi is a villain who was part of the League of Villains and was the leader of the Vanguard Action Squad.
Blueflame is a genuinely tall youngster (176cm tall), with rather fair skin and a somewhat slender form. He is depicted as being in his twenties. His hair is dark and spikes all around his scalp, with a couple of strands falling between her eyes, which are turquoise in shading, slim and vigorously covered. Its most striking element is ostensibly the purple patches of twisted, wrinkled skin that cover a lot of its body, including the lower face, ears, whole neck, and this skin extends across its collarbones. He has this purple skin likewise present under his eyes, on his arms and legs.

From the beggining of the series to the end of the season 4 , Dabi age is around 20 years old, but nothing about his personal information has been disclosed. The only thing that we know is that he was born on January 18th.
Now let’s compare Dabi’s age to some of the members of the Vanguard Action Squad.

How old is Twice ?

how old is twice

Jin Bubaigawara aka Twice is 31 years old. He was born on May 10th.

How old is Magne ?

how old is magne

Kenji Hikiishi aka Magne is around in her mid 20’s.

How old is Mr Compress ?

how old is mr compress

Atsuhiro Sako age is not known exactly, therefore fans are according to say by his experience and also the way he talks that he’s at least 30 years old.

How old is Kurogiri ?

how old is kurogiri

We don’t have a lot of information about this specific information but fans agree to say that Kurogiri is probable between 30 and 40 years old.

How old is Spinner ?

how old is spinner

Shuichi Iguchi, Spinner was 20 years old on his first appearance and he is currently 21 years old. He was born on August 8th.
Therefore as we can see, Dabi is not the youngest member of the League of Villains but he is not also the oldest, let’s say he is in the middle.
In order to summarize what was said during the article we have summarized the most important informations in the form of questions to help you.

How old is Dabi ?

how old is dabi bnha

Dabi is currently in his mid 20’s.

What is Dabi birthday ?

dabi birthday

Dabi was born on January 18th.
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