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How old is Deku ?


Deku also known as Izuku Midoriya is the main protagonist of ‘My Hero Academia’ series. Even though he was initially powerless in the series, Deku told us how it is possible to do anything with sheer hard work. A lot of fans are confused about how old is Deku and when is Deku birthday ? In fact, many die hard fans don’t even know the main character’s age !
Therefore, we are going to talk about Izuku Midoriya age. To make it interesting, we are going to take a different approach. Let’s take a deep dive into Deku’s character, his role, and how old was him initially and currently in the series

How old is Izuku Midoriya ?

Our hero Deku is born quirk less in a universe that is revolving around super power. When we talk about Deku Birthday and Deku age, he was born in July 15th, 2000. This makes Deku 16 as of now. For his age, he’s relatively smaller. Midoriya’s height is somewhere around 5’5, making him rather short in comparison with his other classmates.
Even though Deku had no quirk, he catches the attention of the best hero in class known as ‘All Might.’ This was the ultimate character development for Deku as he became the direct pupil of All Might. Through months of hard work, Izuku became stronger than ever.

Through his extensive training with All Might, Midoriya receives the ‘One for All’ quirk, and he is currently the 9th holder of that quirk. With the brief introduction aside, let’s talk about Deku’s Personality now.
Deku’s personality

Midoriya is shown to be very shy and composed person initially in the series. Due to being looked down for not having any quirk, our hero got bamboozled with fear multiple times in the series. Initially, Izuku was shown to be rather insecure, shy, overwhelmed, and a fearful guy who was constantly getting frustrated on the inside.

Let’s talk about how old is Deku at the begginning of the series.

How old is Midoriya ?

The timeline we see in the anime is 2014. Therefore, Izuku age is 14 at the time when the show started as he was born in 2000 year. Thereby we can asnwer this famous question : « how old is Deku in episode 1 ? », Deku is 14 in episode 1.
The series and our original timeline don’t match. However, when we did a little bit of research, the anime date works a bit different than our original ones. Therefore, let’s make it easier for you and talk about different timelines and how Deku grew up with time.
UA Academy Admissions – 15 Years Old

After training with All Might, Deku decided to join the U.A academy. While there are a lot of speculations made by fans about what U.A stands for, we don’t know the abbreviation. Well, back to the subject in hand, Deku joins the hero academy when he was just 15 years old. Burning with passion, he chooses his career with other students alongside. Becoming a hero !

But how Old is Deku now ?

Events after Joining U.A High School – 16 Years Old

Our underestimated hero fought many villains, conquered many matches and helped people a lot. All these U.A events left him 16 years old by now. Therefore, right now, Midoriya age is 16 years old. We are talking about after the events after Forest training arc and after the midterms of first semester are finished.
How old is Deku’s mother ? – Inko Midoriya Age

Inko Midoriya is Deku’s mom. She was 31 in her first appearance, making her rather young. She’s a kind woman who has been there for Deku in his everything thick and thin. In the current timeline, Deku’s mother’s age is 42.
Inko has been living alone with his son. Therefore, let’s talk about Midoriya’s father and what’s his age.
How old is Deku’s dad ? – Hisashi Midoriya Age

While there’s not much known about his father. All we know is that he’s out of the country to do his job. Moreover, nothing much is incorporated into the stories. But there are crazy fan theories! Looking at Deku’s mother, we can conclude that Hisashi Midoriya is in his Mid 40’s. Some people think that he looks just like Midoriya with the messy hair and cool style.
Reddit is full of crazy theories about My Hero Academia Characters.
This moves us to our main Q&A. In this section, we will incorporate everything you need to know about Deku age.
When was Deku born ?

Deku was born on July 15th 2000.
How old is Deku now ?

Currently, Deku’s age is 16-years old. After forest training arc, Izuki Midoriya is the sweet sixteen. However, his life might not be as sweet as his age
How old is Deku at the begginning ?

When the series started, Deku was just 14 years old. Suffering from the lack of superpowers, many students used to tease him. The sheer jokes made him insecure
How Old is Midoriya in Season 4 ?

Season 4 is the latest season of My Hero Academia. Deku is 16-year-old as most fans would speculate at this point.
While a lot of people have different opinions on his age, we have stated the facts and figures to bring you the most on-point age of Izuku Midoriya. In addition to that, we can’t wait to see Deku growing stronger and better with time.

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