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How old is Kirishima ?


Succeeding our article about how tall is Kirishima, we decided to give you another precious information about the hero Red Riot ! Indeed, many fans think that Eijiro Kirishima is the new “Rock Lee” but the hardened hero is not just a motivation guy ? This is why we found interesting to talk about Kirishima Eijiro. Kirishima is also one of the most favorite character in the BNHA series (he was ranked 15th) but fans still don’t know the exact age of their favorite hero and this is why today, we’ll give you all the informations.
Therefore, we’re going to talk about something that even the most die-hard fans of Eijiro Kirishima don’t even know exactly  :

How old is Kirishima ?

Regardless of whether how old is Kirishima from My Hero Academia or Kirishima age right now, it’s difficult to decide it in light of the fact that the anime and the manga doesn’t specify it at all for the occasion. In the event that you don’t realize Kirishima Eijirou precise age, at that point you’ve gone to the correct spot as this article will at last answer the entirety of your inquiries !

How old is Kirishima Eijirou ?

My Hero Academia is full of interesting characters, and Kirishima is one of the most known and appreciated characters of the My Hero Academia series. Dabi seems to be a character that experienced a traumatic event during his final year of school , thereby he’s not a common character like we see all the time with all the other generic characters. Eijirou Kirishima is instead a character with very unique ambitions, motivations and an original personality.
Therreby, the most die hard fans want to know all the details about this  motivationnal character and one of the most important things about any person is their age and « How old is Kirishima » is one of the most common questions related to the anime and manga that you will see among the fans of My Hero Academia community.

Kirishima’s birthday is difficult to decide for the normal Boku No Hero Academia fan since rarely how old is Eijirou Kirishima is raised in the anime or manga.
Eijiro Kirishima age

First of all let’s talk about Kirishima’s general look. Indeed, his hero costume consists of two thick crimson-colored gear-shaped shoulder pads. A thin strip of purple-colored fabric, cut irregularly, is attached to the left one and is attached to the right side of his belt. This one is red and has a loop of the same color in the shape of an “R”, which refers to his hero name.
In his hero costume, Eijiro is shirtless and he has a black mask that surrounds his face, rising just above his forehead and passing below his jaw.

From the beggining of the series to the end of the season 4 , Kirishima age is 16 years old. He was born on October 16th.
Let’s recap the main informations.

How old is Kirishima in season 4 ?

Kirishima Eijiro is still 16 years old in My Hero Academia season 4.

When was Kirishima born ?

Kirishima Eijirou was born on October 16th (he is a Libra).
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