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How old is Shigaraki ?


Succeeding our article about how old is Dabi, we decided to do the same for another big villain:  Tomura Shigaraki ! Indeed, Shigaraki is the next biggest villain of My Hero Academia, we were obliged to write an article about him. Shigaraki is also one of the most favorite character in the Boku No Hero Academia series but fans still don’t know the exact age of their favorite villain and this is why today, we’ll give you all the missing informations.
Therefore, we’re going to talk about something that even the most die-hard fans of Shigaraki Tomura don’t even know exactly  :

How old is Shigaraki ?

Actually, it’s a question that you can ask any fan of the series and they’d stutter when trying to answer it. Whether it’s how old is Shigaraki from My Hero Academia or Shigaraki age at the moment, it’s hard to determine it because the anime and the manga does not mention it at all for the moment. If you don’t know Shigaraki exact age then you’ve come to the right place as this article will finally answer all of your important questions !

How old is Shigaraki from My Hero Academia ?

My Hero Academia is brimming with intriguing characters, and Shigaraki is quite possibly the most mainstream and valued characters of the whole series. Shigaraki is by all accounts a character with a heartbreaking past which makes the difference between him and any other random character. Dabi is instead a villain with great convictions who will put everything on the line to attain his objective.Consequently, the most lifelong fans need to know every one of the insights concerning this secretive character and perhaps the main things about any individual is their age and « How old is Shigaraki » is quite possibly the most widely recognized inquiries identified with the anime and manga that you will see among the MHA fans.

Shigaraki’s birthday is difficult to determine for the normal My Hero Academia fan since rarely how old is Shigaraki is raised in the anime or manga. That as well as there’s definitely no valuable informations about scoundrels overall in BNHA which makes it harder to gauge how old is Tomura Shigaraki.

Shigaraki Age

Tenko Shimura, better known by the pseudonym Tomura Shigaraki, was the leader of the Villains Alliance, the main antagonist of the series, as well as the protege of All For One. His goal is to destroy All Might so that people understand the fragility of their situation and the justice they blindly trust.
Shigaraki is a fairly lean young man with extremely pale skin. Her hair is a very light blue-gray, of varying lengths. Her lips are dry, cracked, and the skin around her eyes, which are red in color, is very wrinkled. He has a small scar on his right eye and another on the left side of his lip. He has a single mole under the right side of his lips. When he wears his villain costume, he has 14 disembodied hands joined on his arms, chest, neck, skull, shoulders and one on the face he designates as “Father”.

Each hand is pale gray in color with a kind of golden box at their base, two holes are present on the latter. The hand that is on the top of his head is connected to those around his neck using a kind of big red cord that separates in two. The rest of his costume consists of the black clothes he wears all the time, namely black pants that expose his ankles, a black long-sleeved t-shirt without relief, exposing his collarbones. He also wears red sneakers without socks.
Shigaraki birthday is on April 4th, therefore he is 21 years old and he’s just the average height of an adult : 175cm tall (5ft7).
Now let’s compare Shigaraki’s age to his closest companions.

How old is All For One ?

According to the words of Gran Torino, All For One is more than 100 years old, he was able to stay alive due to the quirk he stole.

How old is Nana Shimura ?

Nana Shimura (All Might’s master) is the grandmother of Tenko Shimura. We can estimate her age to be between 30 and 40 years old.
To sum up information exchanged during the article we have summed up the main informations as inquiries to help you.

How old is Shigaraki ?

Shigaraki Tomura is 21 years old.
How old is Shigaraki in season 4 ?

In the end of season 4 , Shigaraki is still 21 years old.

What is Shigaraki birthday ?

Tomura Shigaraki was born on April 4th.

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