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How old is Uraraka ?


Uraraka also known as Ochaco Uraraka is one of the protagonists of the manga My Hero Academia. She is a U.A student and a Grade 1 student. She plans to become a Professional Heroine in order to earn money and be able to provide a more comfortable life for her parents.. A lot of fans are confused about how old is Uraraka and when is Uraraka birthday ?
Therefore, we’re going to talk about something that even the most die-hard fans of Uraraka don’t even know exactly  :

How old is Uraraka ?

In fact, it’s a question that you can ask any fan of the series and they’d stutter when trying to answer. Whether it’s how old is Uraraka from My Hero Academia or Ochaco Uraraka age at the moment, it’s hard to determine it because the anime and the manga does not mention it at all for the moment. If you still don’t know Uraraka age then you’ve come to the right place as this article will finally answer all of your questions young hero !

How old is Uraraka Ochaco ?

« How old is Uraraka » is one of the most asked questions related to the manga and the anime that you will see among the Boku No Hero Academia Academia fan community.
Uraraka’s birthday is hard to determine for the average Boku No Hero Academia fan because it’s not often that how old is Ochaco Uraraka is brought up in the anime or manga. Not only that but also there hasn’t been a specific arc centered around Ochaco Uraraka which makes the thing even harder to find.

When we talk about Ochaco Uraraka Birthday and Uraraka age, she was born in December 27th, 2000. This makes Uraraka 16 as of now. For her age, she’s relatively smaller. Uraraka’s height is somewhere around 5’1, making her rather short in comparison with her other classmates except the girls.
Uraraka Personality

Ochaco is kind and friendly to people she meets, and will come to the aid of those who have helped her before. Due to her sympathetic and playful spirit, Ochaco is easily turned on or surprised by little things and easily loses his temper. His reactions are often exaggerated and humorous.
Sometimes Uraraka takes an extremely determined and rather intimidating attitude, which may surprise her classmates. This aspect tends to appear in combat situations, where she demonstrates a strategic mind.

She doesn’t like to be underestimated. Ochaco’s parents are her main source of determination to become a Professional Heroine, since the latter wishes to offer them a better life.

For her appearance, Ochaco has shoulder length chestnut hair and large hazel eyes. She has two long locks on either side of the face and a bob cut at the back. She has small pads on each finger that are used to activate her Quirk.
Thank you for reading our article about Ochaco Uraraka, we have summarized the most asked questions regarding her age.
How old is Uraraka ?
Ochaco Uraraka is 16 years old.
How old is Uraraka in season 4 ?

After the events of the season 4, Uraraka is still 16 years old.

When is Uraraka birthday ?

Uraraka birthday is on December 27th.
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