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How tall is Kirishima ?


Hey young Hero, today we decided to talk about the most shonen character of My Hero Academia, the one and only : Eijiro Kirishima !
On today’s article, precious informations about Kirishima Eijirou will be revealed. Indeed, many fans for example still don’t know :
How tall is Kirishima ?
In this post, the heights of the major recurring characters of My Hero Academia have been discussed and compared with Kirishima Eijirou height.
Many people wonder how tall is Kirishima from My Hero Academia ? Maybe fans who ask this kind of question want to compare themselves to his size to know if they are taller or shorter ? Or just out of curiosity ? Who knows ?
Before we develop any further into this topic, we will give Eijiro Kirishima exact height.

How tall is Eijiro Kirishima ?

Apparently, Eijiro Kirishima height is almost 170 cm tall. That’s 1.70 meters tall which is quite tall for a freshman student of his age. His rival, Bakugou is only 2 cm taller than him. We wrote an article about how tall is Bakugou, if you’re interested make sure to have a look at it.
Now that we know Kirishima Eijirou height, let’s convert it into different units and answer the following questions.
How tall is Kirishima in feet ?
Eijiro Kirishima height is 5ft5. That’s the average height for a man, considering that Kirishima is 16 years old he will continue to grow.
How tall is Kirishima in inches ?
Kirishima height in inches is 66,9 inches.

Let’s talk now about Kirishima stunning appearance.
Eijirou Kirishima is a kid of normal stature with a somewhat noteworthy constitution notwithstanding his young age, because of his solid muscles. He has red eyes and a little scar looms over his correct eye, which Horikoshi confesses to neglecting to draw now and again.

He has little eyebrows and has sharp teeth. Her hair is medium length, touched with a light red, and leaves in pointed spikes on one or the other side of her head, held along with gel. Two different spikes are more articulated on the facade of its skull, at the level of the temple and look like little horns. Fun fact, Eijiro requires 3 minutes to make this cut.

How tall is Mina Ashido ?

Mina Ashido was in the same school as Kirishima before both of them join U.A High School. Therefore, we found interesting to talk about her in the article.
Mina Ashido is 159 cm tall (5ft2).
We hope that you liked our article about how tall is Kirishima. We’ve responded to the principle question of this article and furthermore added all the more valuable informations. You will be the best master on Boku No Hero Academia now ! You certainly arrived at the PLUS ULTRA phase of information on account of our article.
Now if someone asks you :

How tall is Kirishima in cm ?

Eijiro Kirishima is 170cm tall.
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