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Is All Might Deku’s Dad ?


Many fans of the series wonder who Deku’s father is. Indeed throughout the series his name has never been mentioned and we have never seen him. Even Deku’s mother never talks about it.
Lots of fans have theorized about it, some say his father is a hero who needs to remain anonymous to protect his family, and others think he’s just dead. Today we are going to see one of the most popular theories :
Is All Might Deku’s dad ?
Let’s go young hero !

All Might is Deku Dad ?

Well first of all, Deku is Izuku Midoriya hero name. Izuku has green hair, his eyes are large and a bit circular, their irises the same green color as his hair, and are generally stretched quite wide, giving him an innocent appearance.
On the other hand, All Might he has short blonde hair, swept back, with two distinct tufts above his head, tilted slightly to either side, which often casts a dark shadow on his face, hiding everything but his bright blue eyes.

Thereby, just by appearance All Might is NOT Deku’s dad, they don’t even share the same last name. Also All Might visited Deku’s house and met his mother. If he was his father, their reactions would have been totally different.
All Might is just Deku’s mentor like shown in the series.

We hope that you like our short article ! Now whenever you meet someone who wants to know if All Might is Deku dad tell him that :

Is All Might Deku’s Dad ?

Absolutely NOT, they don’t have the same appearance and they don’t share the same last name.
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