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What does Todoroki mean ?


My Hero Academia has become one of the most consistently prevalent anime in recent history, having run for 4 seasons so far and receiving multiple films on the side along with video games as well, the series has become a sensation not just in Japan but internationally overall ! Shoto Todoroki is one of the most stand out characters in the series, which is very self-explanatory because he is just so darn cool ! His quirk being half hot and half cold, which means half of his body can control fire while the other half of his body can control ice.

With the rise in popularity of the show in international regions, many fans have been wondering ; what does Shoto Todoroki mean ?

In today’s article, we choose to tackle this subject to bring you the answers to these questions ;

  • What does Shoto Todoroki mean in Japanese ?
  • What does Shoto Todoroki mean in English ?

Who is Todoroki ?

who is todoroki

Shoto Todoroki is the son of the current number 1 hero Endeavor (formerly Number 2 before Season 4), he began his education at UA High School’s Class 1-A which he got into through official recommendations.
Endeavor has always pushed Shoto to be the number 1 hero and be a great successor to him, which he tries his hardest to do so in the series. He is one of the main protagonists in the show and an absolutely delightful character to watch.

What does Shoto Todoroki mean in Japanese ?

what does todoroki mean in japaneseShoto Todoroki’s meaning in Japanese is quite simple yet has a lot of depth. So what does Shoto Todoroki mean in Japanese ? Let’s find out!
The original Kanji for Shoto Todoroki is written as 轟 焦凍 so Todoroki “轟” and Shoto “焦凍”.
Todoroki’s (轟) has been a very ancient, powerful Japanese name which is now quite rare but still exists to this day, the Japanese meaning of Todoroki is “Loud sounds and crackles” and this word is usually used to describe the noise that thunder makes during storms. The other way that Todoroki is used is to reference someone or something that is widely known, just like the loud sounds of thunder can be heard to great distances, the same can be said to emphasize something or someone’s fame.

Shoto (or Shouto)’s original Kanji is 焦凍, and this name basically embodies the character’s quirk!
The name is divided into two parts in the Kanji, 焦 means Burn while the second part of his name in Kanji 凍 means Freeze, this explains both his quirk and his personality, as he is sometimes super aggressive in whatever he does or like most of the time he is super laid back and relaxed as a person.

what does shoto todoroki mean in japanese

The author, as I mentioned before in the previous article regarding the meaning of Deku, has a weirdly funny sense of humor, which has him devising names such as this that are often times quite on the nose but sometimes very deep in their hidden meanings of the name !
We wrote on article on what does Deku mean. Make sure to have a look at it too !

What does Shoto Todoroki mean in English ?

what does todoroki mean in english

So as we mentioned in the previous section of this article ;
Todoroki means a loud noise that is usually used to express about thundering sounds during storms while also being used as a term to define someone or something’s fame being very loud and heard about over great distances.
Shoto (Shouto) means Burn and Freeze, which is just his quirk explained in the most simplest way that it could be explained in, as half of his body can control fire and the other half of his body controls frost, this makes him one of the characters with the most unique quirks in the show because he is half of both worlds of ice and fire.

What is the definition of Todoroki ?

shoto todoroki name meaning

Simply defined, the definition of Todoroki is ; a loud noise during the thunder storms, an expression of how much reach a thing or person’s fame has.
But when it comes to the overall anime community and its various cultures; the definition of Todoroki is quite dense. The name Shoto Todoroki definitely stands for something much more than “burn, freeze, loud noise.” It stands for a young hero, trying to make his mark on the world; he will burn his enemies down to ashes, and freeze all of the competition along the way, just so his name is heard throughout the world just like the loud thundering crackles in the sky during a storm.

Shoto Todoroki’s name and the Japanese meaning of Todoroki, both put him as one of the few characters in anime overall whose names represent very faithfully who they are as a person, and this is just one bit of the overall depth that My Hero Academia strives to keep on achieving.

Here is a cool video we found on youtube that explain what does Todoroki mean. Make sure to have a look at it.

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