My Hero Academia Poster Bakugo vs Deku
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My Hero Academia Poster Bakugo vs Deku



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The most famous rivalry in My Hero Academia is no doubt the one between Izuku Midoriya and Katsugi Bakugo. This rivalry has driven My Hero Academia since the first chapter with both characters constantly pushing each other forward. As the series progresses it becomes more and more evident the core reason is that Izuku always admired Kacchan’s strength and Bakugo feared Deku’s heart, this resulting in a heated rivalry between the two. However, while they have always been polar opposites in personality, they both share the same goal of becoming the world’s number one hero. This has resulted in numerous fan theories as to how this rivalry will play out by the end of the series, with no clear answer currently in sight.

Who is stronger? Bakugo or Midoriya? Well, you can now get this awesome Bakugo Stick poster and have fun debating it at home with your friends and fam !

Whenever these two collide it’s always an explosive endeavour, so grab this Bakugou stick poster today and heat things up in your room today !

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