BNHA Poster Todoroki Bakugo Deku
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BNHA Poster Todoroki Bakugo Deku



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Who is the strongest Class 1-A student? That is the question that has been on everyone’s mind since the series began. Considered to be the Top 3 most powerful members in Class 1-A, Deku, Shoto and Bakugou have been the subjects of debate among series fans alike, especially after the action-packed UA Sports Festival. With all three considered to be the next big three in UA High and the next top 3 pro heroes, it’s only a question of what order these three will stand at the top of hero society in the future.

Deku, Todoroki or Bakugo ? Whoever your favourite hero is, you can now get the top three together with this BNHA Official Poster today !

Is Deku, Todoroki or Bakugo going to be the number one hero? Get yourself this My Hero Academia official poster and spend time with your friends debating about it !

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