BNHA Poster Selfie
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BNHA Poster Selfie



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U.A. High is the most prestigious high school when it comes to students with quirks, and Class 1A is a the top of that category. From Bakugo’s explosive nature, Todoroki’s cool yet fiery personality and Deku’s optimistic and overly eager character, as well as the rest of the charming cstidents that Class 1-A has to offer; what they all share in common is that together, they all have to face and overcome huge challenges on their journeys to becoming the pro heroes they always dreamed of being.

The students of Class 1-A are some of the most promising bunch of future pro heroes and this BNHA Selfie Poster is a great presentation of our favourite heroes all together !

If you’re a member of Class 1-A you always have to be ready to go plus ultra at any moment, so grab yourself this BNHA Selfie Poster and stay motivated at all times !

  • Different sizes available
  • Perfect for interior decoration
  • High Quality Printing, faithful to the original work
  • The latest printing and coloring technology guarantees the perfection of every detail of the poster, clear prints, no fading, no coloring and no waste
  • Strong and resistant paper
  • An unforgettable gift for someone you appreciate

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