My Hero Academia Poster Eijiro Kirishima
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My Hero Academia Poster Eijiro Kirishima



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Kirishima Eijiro a.k.a Red Riot, is a boisterous and outgoing character in Class 1A of UA High School who has a strong affinity to the concept of manliness. Inspired by the pro hero, Crimson Riot, and armed with a hardened body, he takes after his idol by consistently showcasing a noble, brave, and determined attitude which has quickly earned him complete admiration, respect, and friendship. He is the type who detests things such as cowardice or dirty play, always bravely putting the safety of others before himself.

Harden up your commitment to the hero cause and show some love to the ever tough and manly Red Riot with this awesome Eijiro Kirishima poster !

There is no MHA character who has a tougher resolve than Kirisihima, so channel some of that unbreakable inspiration to your room with this Kirishima Eijiro poster !

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