MHA Poster Tsuyu Asui
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MHA Poster Tsuyu Asui



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Tsuyu Asui a.k.a Froppy is a young budding hero who is also a member of Class 1-A at U.A. High School along with the series MC, Izuku Midoriya. She is gifted with a quirk that allows her to do anything a frog can do and is a character that is portrayed as straightforward and aloof person who isn’t afraid to speak her mind to others, most especially to her friends. Tsuyu is also seen to be a highly mature and responsible individual who knows how to lead and look after people, having taken charge at certain points of the series. She also has strong morals, goals, and principles and is willing to oppose her friends to defend them from decisions she considers rash. 

Tsuyu is one of the most caring and determined MHA characters and her Tsuyu Asui poster would make for an adorable addition to anyone’s bedroom wall.

Just like Tsuyu’s quirk allows her to, make sure that you hop and skip this Froppy poster into your shopping cart today !

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