My Hero Academia Poster Kacchan
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My Hero Academia Poster Kacchan



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Katsuki Bakugo, a.k.a Kacchan, is a deuteragonist in My Hero Academia and one of the members of Class 1-A of UA High School, along with the series MC, Deku. Often portrayed as a crude, arrogant, short-tempered, and aggressive character, he tends to come off as an anti-hero, but it is this very problematic behaviour that has made him the most popular character in the series for fans, even more than the show’s main character, Deku. He is also considered a natural-born genius with the potential to be one of the top pro heroes around, proving to be very intelligent and extremely perceptive in strategic planning and quick improvising. He is also surprisingly talented in other areas, such as cooking and music, even though he doesn’t show a particular interest in them.

Bakugo is always ready to blow something up, so why not be like Kachaan and blow some cash on this Kacchan poster now !

Kacchan has such a fiery and explosive personality, making this Kacchan poster the perfect wall art to get you charged up on those days you may be feeling low !

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