MHA Poster Villains and Heroes
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MHA Poster Villains and Heroes



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One thing that makes My Hero Academia stand out amongst the rest of it’s anime counterparts, is the extensive and interesting dynamic between it’s heroes and villains. While the show’s heroes have some of the coolest powers and abilities, as well as charming personalities, MHA also has it’s fair share of powerful and interesting villains to boot with nearly every villain being just as captivating with their own interesting storylines or backstories. From Shigaraki to Deku, Dabi to Todoroki, and many more fascinating parallels, it’s just plus ultra from start to finish !

If you’re one of the elite few that enjoy watching the villains just as much as the heroes, then this MHA Villains poster will be the perfect addition to your wall !

The bad guys are almost always so much fun to watch and if you agree, then don’t waste any more time and steal yourself this MHA Villains poster today !

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