BNHA Shoes Momo Yaoyorozu
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BNHA Shoes Momo Yaoyorozu

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Being a recommended student, Momo came into Class 1-A already possessing a good level of combat skills. For instance, she was well able to hold her own against Tokoyami for a short period of time during the U.A. Sports Festival, despite losing the fight in the end. Momo is also considered to be a genius with her analytical skills are strong, easily devising strategies and plans in battle and urgent situations, with Shoto himself once stating that her level of thinking and planning under pressure is Momo’s area of expertise.

Momo is a fan favorite in the series, so why not show everyone how much appreciation you have for her by buying these Momo Yaoyorozu Nike Shoes today !

You may not be able to create things out of nothing like Mom does, but you can still create a whole new fashion style with these Momo Yaoyorozu Nike Shoes !

  • Large choice of size
  • 3D Digital printing, original design
  • Trendy Japanese Style
  • Converse Style
  • Durable : Rubber sole
  • Anti-sweat : Airy and breathable structure
  • Comfort + : Padded “Grip” sole
  • Canvas, soft rubber

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