MHA Poster Deku
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MHA Poster Deku



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Izuku Midoriya a.k.a Deku is the series main protagonist, who was originally born quirkless, he is also the 9th and latest inheritor of the One For All quirk that was bestowed upon him by the world’s No. 1 hero, All Might. He was gifted this power due to his hopeful attitude and constant willingness to sacrifice his own well-being and save those who aren’t able save themselves. Moreover, even before receiving this quirk, his intelligence was already above average, and he is now greatly respected by those around him with many of his hero peers looking up to him for planning and battle strategies. As he continues on with his journey to succeed All Might and become the world’s number one hero, it’s fascinating to watch how far Deku will get towards his goal.

Deku is fully suited up, booted up and ready to fight for those who can’t fight for themselves, don’t you think this determined look on his face in this new Deku poster says it all?!

Spark up some inner determination by grabbing yourself this Deku poster that is sure to keep you motivated every time you stare at it!

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