My Hero Academia Poster League of Villains
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My Hero Academia Poster League of Villains



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The League of Villains is an organization in My Hero Academia that is made up of powerful villains that threaten to destroy the Hero society and was founded by All For One and eventually led by Tomura Shigaraki. The League is comprised of destructive fighters like Tomura and Dabi as well as espionage specialists like Himiko and Twice, making them the main antagonists of the series who first appeared the end of season one. They have also proven to be the greatest threat to Hero Society, as they were directly responsible for All Might’s retirement and several assaults on U.A. High School, as they attempt to rise up as the new rulers of society.

The League of Villains are out to cause chaos in hero society but that doesn’t mean they don’t look cool in this My Hero Academia League of Villains poster doing it !

If you’re a fan of the bad guys more than the good guys, then this League of Villains poster is the perfect addition to your wall collection !

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