My Hero Academia Poster Heroes
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My Hero Academia Poster Heroes



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Ever since U.A. High School was founded, Class 1-A has always been compressed of the most promising students who are constantly looked at by the Pro Hero community. Now, this new generation of students are ready to take the world by storm and while every one of them of has their own reasons and motivations for becoming heroes, what they all share is a common goal of becoming the best pro heroes they can be!

The new generation of Class 1-A students is here and their journey to become the world’s top heroes begins at UA High, so make sure to buy this Official My Hero Academia Poster today to symbolise this new beginning !

It doesn’t really matter if you love Shoto, Deku, Uraraka, Bakugo, Kirishima or a specific Class 1-A student, because you can now get them all together in this Official My Hero Academia Poster !

  • Different sizes available
  • Perfect for interior decoration
  • High Quality Printing, faithful to the original work
  • The latest printing and coloring technology guarantees the perfection of every detail of the poster, clear prints, no fading, no coloring and no waste
  • Strong and resistant paper
  • An unforgettable gift for someone you appreciate

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