My Hero Academia Poster The Movie : Two Heroes
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My Hero Academia Poster The Movie : Two Heroes



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My Hero Academia: Two Heroes is a movie/side-story from the main narrative of the anime series, which shows us a bit of All Might’s past, as he, Deku and some members from Class 1A take a trip to I-Island — a floating city that houses the world’s top scientists — and find themselves in the middle of yet another villainous assault. And while the two heroes, Deku and All Might are more than strong enough to take on most enemies, they’ll need the combined help of the U.A. High School Class 1-A students to take down these foes.

Two Heroes is the first official movie from the MHA franchise, so what better way to commemorate this special film than grabbing yourself this awesome My Hero Academia Movie poster !

The Two heroes films is one of the most action packed, emotionally charged and fun filled anime films ever made and if you’ve watched it, then you know this My Hero Academia Movie poster is a must have !

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