MHA Poster UA Semi-Finals
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MHA Poster UA Semi-Finals



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The U.A. Sports Festival is an annual festival held by U.A. High School where students from all grades and courses have the opportunity to showcase their abilities against each other as they each fight for recognition and the opportunity to be recruited by Pro Heroes into their internship programs. The festivals semi finals were exciting as we saw a thrilling battle between Shoto Todoroki vs Tenya Ida, as well as the dramatically explosive clash between hot tempered Katsuki Bakugo and hard shelled Kirishima Eijiro.

The semi finals were chaotic and we saw some of our favorite characters go plus ultra to win, so why not do the same by collecting this new MHA poster today!

The UA Sports festival had some epic semi final matches and there’s no better way to remember them than by getting yourself this MHA New poster today!

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