My Hero Academia Poster Cute Girls
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My Hero Academia Poster Cute Girls



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Nothing excites the heart more than a super powered heroine and My Hero Academia has that in spades, despite the fact that like most other shonen anime, this series’s male cast is bigger than its female one. Nevertheless, there are many powerful and interesting female characters who are worth paying attention to exist on the show and perhaps Uraraka stands at the forefront. Also known by the hero name, Uravity, her quirk Zero Gravity lets her remove the effects of gravity on certain objects that she touches, including herself!

We all love female characters in anime and the girls from UA High are some of the best in the game, so grab yourself this Uraraka poster to show your love !

Did you know that this Ochaco Uraraka poster can defy gravity ? All you need to do is buy it, hang it on your wall and boom! You’ve channeled some of that awesome Uravity power !

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  • Strong and resistant paper
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